About us

About Us

Keep It Simple, Short & Stupid

Kiss Consult Kft. is a family- and friend based company that utilizes the potential of the X and Y generation. We offer fully complex and forward-looking solutions. It includes: IoT , blockchain, cloud, hybrid, AI, machine learning, robotics, 5G, frontend, backend, design to product. We are enthusiastic and believe in using leading technologies to improve future and the positive impact of technology on the society.

Work philosophy

We live, work and play by a simple rule: Keep It Simple, Short & Stupid

100% remote team - we have been working from home since day one

Women owned business - the majority of the company is owned and managed by women.

Challenge driven - we're curious, we love challenges and we're following the latest trends in technology

Go like clockwork - as a family and friend based team we work efficiently

Team building - business is not everything, so now and then we go to build, relax and have fun

Social responsibility (CSR) - we help social entrepreneurship of youth

KISS activities

Challenge accepted

We had come to the realization, that our family is working in the IT-field for different companies with plenty of ideas, so as a solution we decided to give place to these ideas through our company.

We constantly challenge ourselves to improve and give our best. From participating in innovative competitions, through educational activities to the development of our own projects we are trying ourselves out.

Success Stories

We have faced many challenges in 2020, but we have also achieved success. 

Meet our Team

The members of the X generation have the experience, while the youngsters are curious, active, quick to learn and not afraid of challenges.