Who are we?

The Kiss Consult Kft. is a family- and friend based company that utilizes the potential of the X and Y generation. We offer fully complex and forward-looking solutions. It includes:

IoT , blockchain, cloud, hybrid, AI, machine learning, robotics, 5G, frontend, backend, design to product.

We are enthusiastic and believe in using leading technologies to improve future and the positive impact of technology on the society.


Cloud & Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is the base for IT operations so we offer solid and reliable Infrastructure that our customers can build on. We focus on optimizing customers IT landscapes to their needs


Our team of blockchain experts provide a comprehensive range of blockchain development services. We specialize in building innovative decentralized solutions.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development is a
complete solution for your needs
including system infrastructure,
databases, API / backend
code and Front-end.


Our consultants will help you on how best to use information technology to achieve your business goals. We focus on infrastructure,
cloud and blockchain.


You've heard about blockchain technology but want to understand it more deeply? We provide trainings on multiple levels, individually, in small groups, locally and online.

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Our Slogen

Keep It Simple, Short & (Stupid).

We are curious, we love challenges, and we do the best of work when we are truly interested in the topic.

Home office

In these times when we have been asked

to stay home

as much as we can, we are improving ourselves. Everybody is doing home office and everybody is making the best out of this situation.

Brief summary

Average age




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Why are we?

We had to come to the realization, that our family is working in the IT-field for different companies with plenty of ideas, so

as a solution we decided to give place to these ideas through our company.

Our ideas mostly come while showering or just having a coffee and discussing about the world. We strongly believe that our responsibility is to use our skills and experiences in a way that many people benefits from it, and our power is, that we truly believe this.