Blockchain for environment

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Where can we use blockchain?

In 2018 September the WEF (World Economic Forum) posted a report about 65 ways how could blockchain technology could fix global challenges. Most of the use-cases are about next-generation sustainability monitoring like companies’ carbon output. We can see where this can lead the world. There are already many possible use-cases to achieve a more sustainable world. Like tracking legally fished tuna from the point of catching it across packing to the restaurant. Another place you can learn a lot about these use-cases our Training program. We can use blockchain tracing in many fields of the food industry. More about this in our introduction to blockchain technology.

What can we do?

If you were wandering every little count. If you can please try to use traceable materials for your cooking. For this, there is plenty of pursuits. First of all, we have to achieve with blockchain technology some kind of mainstream knowledge inside every person’s mind similar to the internet.

There are many many projects around us we should try to find them and follow them how they do and what are they trying to accomplish. Therefore if you have any blockchain-related project that you would like to make happen contact us for consulting or development!

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