Blockchain Gaming Multiverse

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Gaming multiverse

I don’t really know how many of you have tried to start a game from the beginning but you only wanted to play with the end game content. In addition you would like to own everything you worked for hours after hours, it is possible that blockchain gaming is your answer.

         Therefore can you imagine that we could not only transfer characters to other games, but we can transfer all its basic characteristics like speed, strength, intelligence etc.? If we go ahead, we can transfer our characters items and belongings as well. We would need some well-balanced algorithms to change from a game to the other one, but say that we have those, we could play all the MMORPG’s with all of your friends with only one character so nobody needs to start a game from zero if they don’t want to. As far as I know D&D players are already transferring characters from a world to another.

Blockhain gaming

         One great technology to do this could be Blockchain. Enjin started us on this journey. The Enjin Multiverse is the first blockchain gaming multiverse that was announced on August 26, 2018 with six games collaborate and implemented the first shared assets.

Basics of Enjin

A blockchain gaming multiverse is a collective gaming reality created by integrating a collection of blockchain assets with multiple games. That means a gaming multiverse is a collaborative gaming project which can only be created if all of the game developers agree to use the same shared, decentralised database for some or every in-game asset. In other worlds I can use my sword from Game X in the world of Game Y, but it is possible as well that I can use my sword from Game X in Game W where my sword is a gun and I can do this the other way around. In conclusion, I always have my sword in every circle I do from game to game. Blockchain technology is a great way to do this because you can actually own your assets.

         Nearly any “regular” in-game asset can be a multiverse asset. Here are a few categories and examples:

Items: A sword that can be used in Games A, B, and C.
Characters: An in-game character that can be levelled across multiple games.
Pets: A cat that follows a player in any game.
Vehicles: A car that can be used across multiple games.
NPCs: A sidekick that follows and helps a player across multiple games.

For more information go and check out Enjins website!

All in all I hope we will try some of these games out as soon as it is possible.