What did we learn by applying for Trublo Call

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What did we learn from Trublo call application

                We applied for an open Call by Trublo last week. In this article we will share what did we learn by applying and how did we structure the whole application process. First, we will going to talk about the Call, the topic, and the requirements. Then I will tell you how we tackled this challenge. For more information about the challenge, check out the Calls website.

                First of all we discovered this call a bit late, so we did not have  much time for preparing the final application. In the beginning we had a hard time to come up with an idea how to increase the level of trust in blockchain-based information exchange. But after many brainstorming we had two great ideas in the end, and we started to develop them. There were two topics for this call:

-Trust and reputation models on blockchains

-Proof-of-validity and proof-of-location

                   We had an idea for both, if we get to the 1st phase of the call we will share more about them.  One of the ideas came from a source outside from our company, so we had to understand the whole picture with him and then create a task force to deal with the application procedure, the project manager became Grépály Botond. On the other hand, the project idea that came from one of our colleague and got developed by Kiss György László, than Kiss Viktória and Kiss Kocsárd Bendek joined to the project.

                In the beginning we created one telegram group for the two projects to communicate and clarify, how will we work together. We had some previous experience with Scrum agile framework, so we started to write the backlog for both projects. Then started the Sprint to get more and more stuff from the to do list to the done list. We had many difficulties like we had to fit the whole project idea in to 8 pages. 

-Project summary

-Team & Motivation

-Organization profile (If applicable)

-Team profile

-Concept & Breakthrough

-Concept and objectives


-Ambition & Impact

-Strategy & Milestones

-Main activities of the project

-Milestones and deliverables

                     We have learned a lot about how we should react to these calls. First, from now on we will collect all of the ideas that come up and store them for later, if a call comes up with the theme of it. We must learn much more about how we should use Jira and Confluence for Scrum type of work. We need some development in project management as well.

          For companies or teams with similar objectives we would recommend learning Scrum and try to learn about project management as much as possible, it will have great benefit in the future. Have an open mind and try to discuss all ideas, that come up and save it for the future, it might come in handy.


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