Cloud & Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Services –
Consulting, Planning and Implementing

IT infrastructure is the base for IT operations, so we offer solid and reliable infrastructure that our customers can build on. We are ready to plan, constract and manage your IT environment to your needs.

Why choose us?

• Our experience in the IT infrastructure consulting goes back over 20 years.

• Partnership with some of the largest brands like Red HatMicrosoft and SUSE.

• The company’s IT expert team has a wide range of certificates, among them are Certified Openstack Administrator, SCE SUSE Certified Engineer, SUSE Certified Linux Administrator, FlexFrame for SAP Infrastructure Consultant, Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Solaris 10 Network Administrator.

• Optimizing customer’s IT landscapes to their needs is our main focus.

Some major projects we have worked on

 Forming Governmental cloud services based on RedHat Openstack Platform – planning, technical managing and implementation

 Private cloud services for a big bank in Germany (RedHat Openstack Platform base) – planning and implementing

• SAP private Cloud services platform (FlexFrame Orchestrator) upgrade and support (Fujitsu FlexFrame) – planning, technical managing, implementation

Infrastructure services we offer

In terms of IT infrastructure issues we provide full service  from consulting through planning to implementation. 


Defining the current phase of your infrastructure and develop an efficient IT landscape strategy which you can implement.


According to the IT strategy we will build up or improve your existent IT environment as new products and services become available.


From scratch we will set up your cloud-based infrastructure or migrate your workflow to the cloud if it would be a better course to take.

Infrastructure guidance

The hosting needs of small and large companies can vary considerably. Expenses, safety, scalability and reliability among others are all factors that you need to consider when choosing a hosting solution. 

Depending on your requisite our infrastructure architect will advise you, how to build up a reliable  IT landscape. In case you already have one, then we’ll create a detailed plan how to improve your infrastructure’s performance and eliminate the risks. 

Customer-specific solutions

Data security can become a liability without an IT expert, who can manage your infrastructure. If you need help with the management of your IT landscape,  you are at the right place. 

Besides counsel we build up your IT environment that is most suitable for you. We cover management, maintenance and monitoring of your resources. Your infrastructure needs to be monitored to function smoothly. Monitoring services include also: discovering any potential risks, before it could affect your architecture’s performance.

Cloud-based solutions include:

• advice on migrating your business to the cloud,

• setting up your cloud-based architecture, 

• optimizing IBM, AWS, and other cloud services usage,

• migration to a cloud host provider with a minimum downtime during the migration process.

Revision of hosting

Do not forget what your project needs today, may not be true in the future. As technology is in constant change, new services and products become available. If you don’t do a full revision on your hosting needs from time to time, you can easily end up having high costs for hosting your website.

Even if at first you do not properly assess your storage needs or there is an increased demand around holidays or just need a more cost effective hosting solution, we can help you to be up to date.

Your advisors along the infra journey

Meet our two infrastructure experts, Kiss György and Pintér Olivér, who will accompany you to your secure and efficient IT architecture.