Consulting services

Why to choose us?

Our team of experts will help your company direct you on the way of exciding your own capabilities. We will help you on what the best way to use information technology to achieve your business goals. We are always improving ourselves, so we are around IoT and robotics a lot.

If you have an idea, make sure to write to us that we can have a conversation about it.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Our lead Cloud & Infrastructure Consultant has over 20 years of experience from not smaller company but Fujitsu. He is watching over the shoulder of our other developers from an enterprise point of view, while they bring the startup wind from their blockchain background.


Our team of experts had worked on over 20 projects, in some cases as consultants and/or fullstack developers. One of the most challenging tasks in the previous projects was planning out a university’s financing system based on blockchain technology.

Currently improving and developing our training program.

Full Stack Development

Our team is ready to provide consulting in fullstack development with the most recent technologies, from frontend and backend development, to integration of different IoT and Blockchain solutions.

If you or your business need our help just write us an email to or find one of us on LinkedIn.