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Because it is an international challenge day, we would like to tell you about how we’ve trained and challenged ourselves. Botond our Business Development Manager heard a motto few years ago and we are trying to live up to it. The motto is Learn to understand! We would like to invite everybody to challenge themselves in something. Let it be just cooking something new or learning about innovative technologies.

Blockchain team

Two of our blockchain developers (Olivér, Gyuri) took on a challenge and they are in training to become Linux System Administrators at The Linux Foundation. One of them is waiting to hear back about his exam.


As we are already Red Hat partners our Business Developer finished as many pieces of training as he could to earn certificates. Now he is doing AWS training as it is one of the necessities to get us to select partnership tier.

Back office

Our office manager: Ancsa is working a lot on our webpage and creating the design for one of our project. We hope we can tell you more about the project soon.

Our Leaders

György our CTO is working on our Redhat Delivery accreditations and working on a contract job. Viki is learning about online and offline training programs. You will be hearing about this topic a lot more in the near future for sure. Ági is always searching for trainings for the whole company.

What is happening in general?

We are waiting to know more about Blockchain Hungary’s regulation plan in Hungary. Our contact with them is usually via Linkedin if you are interested feel free to contact them. We’ll write another summarizing post after June where we’ll tell you what happened in the last half-year.

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