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We have finished our second webshop for ourselves. First was our own merchandise shop and now we made a gardening webshop it is called Kiss Garden. It revolves around the idea that we needed some high flowerbeds in our gardens.

The general concept for the items we would sell came from Ági who wanted elevated flower beds in her garden. Every kind she found in gardening stores was lower quality or not high enough. So she decided to develop her own idea and present it to the company after she fell in love with it. We decided that it is a cool idea to combine geotextile with iron and create this :


This is a 80cm*60cm*50cm white high flowerbed we called Boglárka. Everybody loved the idea from the beginning of developing this product. We have 6 types of products available in our webshop at the moment shipping in Hungary. We stayed with the first idea that we should use geotextile. You can find multiple high flowerbeds, we have geotextile plant pots and smaller flower beds.

How did it start

Just like our merch shop this webshop was also built by our office manager, Ancsa, with the help of Ági’s daughter Anna, who provided the product photos and videos for the online gardening store. Moreover this was a big step forward in the life of our company Kiss Consult because now we can say that we have the resources to create, develop and operate our own webshops. For example, we can also produce the graphics, product photos, and video content needed for online stores in-house, without the need to hire external contractors.

Next, we would like to bring IoT to the garden with the help of Bence our IoT specialist. You can hear about it more in the future.

All in all, we are expanding our horizon not just in IT development but with products for your garden as a flowerbed.

Be sure to check out both of our webshops:
Kiss Garden
Merch shop about our merch store we wrote here!

If you have a great idea for a webshop let us know. Contact us at info@kissconsult.com .

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