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We started the year around January 7th with our usual Thursday meeting. We started to plan our year. How many projects we would like to engage in and what kind of project we will develop on our own. What kind of partnerships we would like to explore and how can we expand our customer base.


Our blockchain developers started learning hyperledger for the sake of learning and for the ability to work on hyperledger projects. While still keeping up with solidity and the development of how-tos on etherium.

We have the opportunity to learn on the RedHat training portal because of our partnership. Gathered many certifications 2 years ago and now they are starting to expire. We will start the new year by revisiting these training programs.

Because of a potential big project, 2 of us learned about PAM Project Automation Management on Redhat Red Hat Process Automation Manager . Now we are using this knowledge to benefit all of our projects and customers.

Paál Annamária and Grépály Botond spent many hours learning project management and tried to use Jira software to its fullest. Annamária is focusing on team management mainly managing our developers now and managing the office. Botond is expanding our network and managing customer needs and communication between the customer and the company.


What kind of project did we have? We had plenty last year but we could have handled more. Most of our projects this year were infrastructure or DevOps related.

This year we had more blockchain consulting than before we try to expand in Hungary and abroad as well. To this point, we worked on ICO-s and several small projects. We had projects where we were the first round consulting to help figure out if blockchain is just a fancy keyword that is in the project to drive the “value up”. Some of the time the technology is not necessary. We have high hopes for next year’s projects.

Our CTO finished developing our Blockchain basics training material that can be used online as well as offline. Now she is working on translating and practicing it till it is as comfortable as doing it in Hungarian.

We finished our merchandise shop which you can find here: – Merchandise Annamária wrote about that project so without a doubt you should read that as well Building the Kiss merchandise store – Kiss Consult . In the future, we have some webshop building tasks and we will tell everyone what we are working on this time when the time is right. While we were building our own webshop we helped some clients with their own on Shopify, in the end, we got some experience with that as well.

This year we expanded our team with one member who has interests that are close to our heart like IoT. Now we can continue working with some of the projects we had to put on the shelf last year. We hope you will see these projects come to life in 2022 Q1.


While in our 2 years of working together under the flag of Kiss Consult we had 1,5 years of Covid already but we can say that the IT industry did not stop. We are now Red Hat, SuSe, and Microsoft partners. Because of our future in the Red Hat world, we contacted our preferred choice of distributor company Arrow.

This year we made some interesting changes in lead generation such as DevQarterly contacting us with a proposition that they will try to resell us as team extensions or project assets. We have plans for next year as well, we would like to show ourselves in the Hungarian and German-speaking market.


First of all, we had a wonderful opportunity Kiss György László could speak at the We Are Devs World Congress about a passion of his. Blockchain and gaming it is an interesting topic for many of our colleagues. Most of us played games in the past on our computers or consoles. He had a good turnout in the online event. you can read more about the WeAreDevelopers Congress HERE.

Pintér Olivér finished his first step of becoming our next Infrastructure expert. He learned a lot from Kiss György our CEO. He is already working as a DevOps consultant for most of our clients and collecting every experience with RedHat technology that he can. While we are on our way to the Red Hat Advanced partnership.

Kiss Viktória held our first online blockchain training course for a company. After it, we have discussed it learned a lot about how should we do it in the future. If you are considering learning about Blockchain technology or you have a great idea using it contact us!

Included in our projects Paál Annamária finished our Merch store with Rab Ágnes. The main idea was to help us understand how much work we need to put in to create a webshop. If you want to read about our webshop check this out Building the Kiss merchandise store – Kiss Consult.

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