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With the rise of online shopping and people’s growing desire to support their favorite brands, we have decided, 2021 is the best time to start creating and selling our own merchandise items.

Designing the company’s promotinal items is more than just creating a new source of revenue, it is also about building trust and loyalty in our customers and employees.

As a society, we’re way more aware than we used to be about the necessity of sustainability. So it was a crucial aspect for us to create eco-friendly products people can use for a long period of time, items that are not just good marketing tools, but also practical.

1. T-shirts

When deciding which promotinal items to product and sell at first, polos were an easy choice. Because people expect to see them on an online merch store.

These products are some of the most popular merch items out there for two reasons:

1.) They are an important part of anyone’s wardrobe

2.) And everyone loves a good shirt.

2. Sweater

Getting closer to the cold weather who could resist to a cozy and warm hoodie. Besides black never goes out of style.

3. Trucker hat

You can’t go wrong with a good retro style baseball cap. It looks stylish and can be worn at any time of year, which again makes it an eco-friendly product.

4. Office accessories

We have been to many IT conferences, where companies were giving out their own merch items. One of the hit items were the webcam covers. So it went without saying to have some of our own too. Also who can not use a good old fashioned pendrive? We certainly couldn’t work without them.

From our company slogan, Keep It Simple, Short & Stupid the 3S online merchandise store was born, where you can buy quality clothing, accessories and office supplies from a growing range of products, including those with our company logo. You can view our products by clicking here.

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