AutoAI: A Powerful Tool in Detection of Fake Job Posts

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AutoAI: A Powerful Tool in Detection of Fake Job Posts

  Was there ever a time, when you thought that you were the perfect candidate for a job, you even excelled at the interview, but the phone call never came? Then you are not alone. Every once in a while we all applied for a fake job post, sometimes without even realizing that the position was not for real. Now more than ever it is important that we have tools against fake ads.
  Due to Covid-19, online hiring processes, remote jobs and online networking sites are on the rise, which makes it easier to find jobs and hire potential colleagues, but it also led to the rise of online job scams. Some are annoying but “harmless”, while other ads can cause real financial loss. But how can we spot fake job posts and avoid frauds? As part of a project we’ve started to work with Watson Studio AutoAI and recognized, with the right set of data, AutoAI in fact can serve as a powerful tool to help spotting potential job scams.

Why do these fake job postings even exist?

  In most cases the employer just wants to collect information about the job market.

  – Finding out how easy it is to replace current workers.

  -How in-demand a position is.

  -How much to pay for given jobs.

To find out more reasons and our solution for this problem check out our article on Medium.

Here are the headings for the article:

  • A Kind of Magic

  • 5 steps to deploying your own AI on IBM Cloud:

  • Conclusion

Be sure to search for the link for the end product of this project. (One hint it starts with sherlock)

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