Huge amount of money for virtual land in Axie Infinity

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Huge amount of money for virtual land in Axie Infinity

We are not sure that anybody remember, but we streamed Axie once. We have some serious news one of the well-known games from the Blockchain sector. If you are not familiar with the game it mixes the genre of turned base combat with Tamagotchi vibes with a complex generation system, for more information check out Axie’s website.

On February 8 in the game in Axie Infinity a player sold a piece of virtual land on the blockchain market for a record-breaking price. It was sold for 888.25 ETH (ether) approximately 1,5 million USD at the time. (Today it would worth 1,7 million USD thanks to ether price going up in a steady pace from February 1.)

With this virtual land you can improve your gaming experience because you can buy basic land than improve for harvesting or mine materials or build on them, you can get buffs for your axis as well like an increase in EXP gain. You can access dungeons or produce resources as well. You can purchase, rent out and develop land in the game.

Right now, you can buy a piece of land for about 0,4 ETH (around 700 USD) and on the other hand there are plots for 10000 ETH (1,7286075 USD). It is a complex game where you must invest some time to understand everything and develop a strategy, but it can be rewarding not just in joy but in ETH too. We encourage you to check it out but only invest in it if you have the time and money to spare. Hope to see many more blockchain based games in the future with a good community and idea.

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